Make money online in virtual worlds

There are some virtual worlds on the internet like World of Warcraft and Second Life. In these worlds you can make actual money by doing the boring things everyone else hates to do.


Easy, itís really easy to earn money in these worlds, all you need to know is where to go to earn money and what to do. Most of the time people pay you to do something they find boring to do themselves. So it canít really be hard to earn money in virtual worlds.

Amount of money to be made

You can make quite a lot of money if you know how. There is even a company with a couple employees that are in Second Life all day long selling property in those worlds. The company owner is a millionaire. But the normal ways of making money in those world donít make a fortune, youíll earn very little for the effort you put in it.

Amount of work

Often it takes a lot of work to get a decent amount of money in those worlds. And often itís really boring to do too. So for the amount of money you get out of it and the effort you put into it you donít get paid a lot.


Since it often involves a boring job you donít need any skills to earn money in virtual worlds. A good thing is that you donít need a website in order to make money online using this method.

Time span

You can begin right away with making money, but it will take quite some time before you will get a decent payout, and you probably wonít grow your virtual world business.