Make money online using "Get paid to" programs

ďGet paid toĒ programs are a great and easy way to earn extra money online. Get paid to programs are websites where you get paid to click on ads, visit advertisers websites, receive and read emails from advertisers, try stuff out and stuff like that. These websites can pay you because the advertisers pay the website to promote their product to you.


Itís really easy to start making money using these getpaidto websites, you only have to sign up for one or more programs and start getting ads in your mailbox, or in your online account. This is a great way for beginners to start making money online. Often you get paid by referring other people to getpaidto websites. There are forums on the internet where you can trade referrals with others so you can benefit from the commissions others being referred by you make.

Amount of money to be made

You probably wonít get rich with these programs, you only get a couple of cents per email or advertisement. So you have to work through a lot of ads in order to get a decent payout, but if you signup for a lot of those sites you can get a decent stream of income over the long term. Itís a lot of work for the money your getting, but itís easy to do. And everyone can do it.

Amount of work

The more effort and time you put into it the more money you make. Only problem is that most sites only have a certain number of advertisers so it takes little time to get through all the ads, banners and websites. But you can sign up to more of these websites if you want to put more effort in it.


You donít need any skills, just an email address where the ads are sent to. Thereís no knowledge necessary for you to earn money using these programs.

Time span

It generally takes a lot of time to earn a payout in one program, but that depends on the program. But you can earn more if you do more programs at once.