Make money online by copywriting

Copywriting is writing business texts for websites, it also includes writing articles for sites about some subject. You can get paid per article you write or per 1000 words.


Itís easy to earn money with copywriting. Youíll need to search different webmaster forums on the internet to find some websites to write for. Then all you have to do is do some research and write an article about it. The more copywriting you do the more you get paid and the more orders youíll get because copywriters who have done more copywriting work before on the forums get picked first.

Amount of money to be made

You can make at least $15 dollars per article / 500 words. But prices are a bit higher then this. The only problem is that you have a lot of competition from other copywriters so the assignments wonít be infinite.

Amount of work

All you have to do is find someone willing to pay you and write articles for them. Sometimes youíll need to do some research in order to write a good article but thatís all the work youíll need to do.


Youíll need to have good writing skills. And it is nice to have knowledge of certain topics to write about. The good thing about copywriting is that you donít need a website to earn money with it.

Time span

You can start right away and start writing right away when you find someone to hire you for the job. So itíll give you a quick extra income.