Make money online by selling links

Selling links on your site can be a great way to make some extra money with your website. Textual links are more popular with advertisers because they get clicked on more often and they provide higher search engine rankings for the advertisers.


It痴 easy to make money by selling links on your website. There are a lot of programs on the internet where you can signup to get advertisers. Most of the time advertisers stay for a longer time then just one month so you値l get a steady income by selling links.

Amount of money to be made

You can make a lot of money if you have good websites to sell links on. Most advertisers buy links for linkbuilding. This means that by getting good quality links pointing to their website their websites will get a higher ranking in the search engines. The higher the pagerank of your website is, and if your site has some authority value, you can earn a lot of money by just selling link space. But if you don稚 have a high pagerank you can still earn some money.

Amount of work

It takes a lot of work to get a high pagerank authority website to make loads of money by selling links, but selling the links isn稚 really hard. There are very good programs out there where you can signup and just wait for the advertisers to come to you.


You値l need to know about Search Engine Optimization to get a high pagerank authority website. This way you can make the most money out of it. Also you値l need to know HTML to build a website, and you値l need to build the website itself.

Time span

It can take about half a year to get a decent pagerank for your website. But when you値l be selling links the advertisers tend to stay for multiple months in order to maintain their search engine rankings, so you値l have a steady internet income.