Make money online by selling stock photos and videos

A lot of websites and businesses use photos or videos on their websites. Often these photos arenít made by the company itself but are bought from so called stock photo websites. These are websites where the rights to copyrighted images, photos and videos are sold. This way it becomes legal for the businesses to display images on their websites. The good thing is, by selling those stock photos and videos on stock photo sites you can make some extra money online.


Itís not really hard to make money by selling stock photos. All you have to do is make some photos or videos and sell them on sites that already exist. But you need to be a good photographer in order to make good pictures.

Amount of money to be made

You can make a decent amount of money selling stock photos. If your photos are good and youíre selling a lot of them you will of coarse earn more money then when you provide photos of lesser quality. But the commission you get from every sold photo is quite high.

Amount of work

It doesnít take a lot of work to make a good photo of something. Making videos is more work of coarse, but thatís all youíll have to do. Youíll only have to send the photos and videos to stock photo websites where you can sell them and wait for companies to buy them.


The only skill youíll need is photography. If you can make beautiful pictures you can make some money by selling them on the internet. You should do some research to the kind of pictures that sell best and try to make pictures of objects in that niche. This way youíll earn more.

Time span

You can instantly earn money once your photos are being accepted by the stock photo sites. And you can earn more money by selling more stock photos and videos.