Make money using affiliates

Affiliates are companies that provide you a commission if you promote their products. Normally you put advertisements on your website that refer to them. You can get paid per view (every time an ad loads on your site), paid per click (every time a visitor of your site, clicks the ad) or pay per action (every time a visitor of your site, clicks your and and signs up for a newsletter/buys a product/Ö)


Itís easy to find affiliates for your site and your niche, there are many websites on the internet you can sign up to where you can choose from lots of affiliates to promote. But it takes some time and skill to get visitors to your website who would click on the affiliate ads.

Amount of money to be made

You can become a millionaire if you do this right. But you can also earn nothing at all if you have no skill. It depends on the amount of money/time/effort/skill you put into it. But affiliate marketing is a really good niche to make big figures.

Amount of work

You have to build a website for your niche, and you have to promote it. It also takes some time and effort to figure out which niche is good and which is bad. But you donít need to create a product or service for yourself, you can sell someone elseís.


For affiliate marketing your need marketing skills and you need to know at least HTML to make a website. You need to know how to promote your site, and your ads. You need to find out what the good ads are and how you can make your site convert the best you can.

Time span

To start earning money with affiliates depends on the amount of skill and experience you have. Before you can earn something you need a website and the more you promote your website the more money you will make.

Affiliate programs

  • Clickbank is a great affiliate program, they mainly sell ebooks online. You can also sell your own products. They have high payouts and is one of the biggest affiliate programs on the internet.
  • Affiliatebot is a really big Affiliate network with a lot of merchants. They normally pay high commissions.
  • Affilator is a big affiliate website with a lot of affiliates and high commissions.