About online income guide

Howdy! I'm Wouter van der Meij from Leiden, the Netherlands and I've been in the internet marketing business for over 6 years now. During those years I came across multiple opportunities to make money online. Some of them worked, others didn't. Right now I'm still working on my dream to start a successfull internet business in the future. I've been working on a search engine optimization product for over two years now and will be launching that product soon. But before you make the big leap to the big bucks online. You must start small.

Now, I don't know what your experience is with making money online, but I started small six years ago. I started using "get paid to" sites to earn some money. Later on I had developed an affiliates website and started doing some search engine optimization. I also started earning some cash through adsense and link selling. Right now I'm at the point of developing my own product.

This website isn't just educational through text, if you look closely you can see I implemented the ways to make money online in the website itself. As you can see there's Adsense on the site. I also use affiliate links every now and then. And there are the referrals to get paid to websites. So this site as a whole can be seen as an example on how to make more money online.

So, have fun on the site! And start earning some serious money online!