Make money by selling blogposts

A way to make money with your blog is to blog about your advertisers products. Or you can make money by selling the opportunity to blog on your site to advertisers so they write the blog. Another way is to blog for a company who pays you.


It is a little bit harder to make money in paid blogging than it is by selling links, because the market for advertisers willing to buy blogposts is smaller. But a blog is easy to set up using blogging software like wordpress. You can also try free online blogging services like blogger.

Amount of money to be made

You wonít make a fortune with paid blogging but it can be a nice extra for your bank account. You can ask more money than when youíre selling links, and youíll know for sure that you will get paid, unlike affiliates. You can also sell as many blogposts as you want, because they move to the next page over time. Also those paid blogposts can provide good content for your visitors if itís the same niche as your website.

Amount of work

It does take some work to write a blogpost. Also youíll probably need to have a updated blog. So this way of making money online is more on the side. If you already have a blog or would like to start a blog then this is a great way to monetize it. I wouldnít recommend starting a blog just for the purpose of selling blogposts because you might lose your motivation to keep the blog updated.


Youíll only need writing skills. You donít have to be a programmer to start a blog and you donít need any knowledge about HTML because there are many free or cheap platforms and services which provide blogging software.

Time span

To set up a blog and start from the beginning to your first sold blogpost may take at least a month. Because you will need some visitors visiting your blog before advertisers will invest money in it.