Make money online using MFA sites

A made for Adsense site is a site especially made for Adsense. Adsense is an advertising program by Google which allows you to place Google ads on your website and get paid for it everytime a visitor clicks on one of those ads. A MFA site is specially made for a niche with high paying keywords.


Itís getting harder to make money with websites solely made for Adsense because often those sites are penalized by Google and blocked by the Google Adsense program if they donít find the content of the site worthy or if they think the website is made for making revenue with Adsense.

Amount of money to be made

You can make a fortune if you donít get caught because Adsense ads pay really high CPC (Cost Per Click) in some niches. This can go up to a couple of dollars per click. But if you get caught, or youíre in the wrong niche youíll make very little or no money at all.

Amount of work

Youíll only need a niche and a website with little content about it. Sometimes these websites have automatically created content on it based on some niche. These websites donít need a nice design either so youíll create them in about a day or so. But you do need to promote the site properly to get visitors to your website. And you need to find the right placement of ads in order for your visitors to click on them.


Youíll probably need to know HTML to build a website. And youíll need to know what keywords are high paying keywords in the Google Adsense program. Youíll also need to know about keyword placement on your site in order to get the right ads displayed. And you need to know a way of promoting your website to get some visitors.

Time span

A great MFA site can be made in a day. But to make it profitable youíll need to promote it. In order for you to make big amounts of money you might want to make more then one MFA sites.